I want to hire a hitman, how to hire a killer

Where and how can I “hire a hitman” by the web? 

who is a hitman
who is a hitman

I want to hire a hitman, how to hire a killer “Hired killers” offering their services on the web, people contract them to kill their enemies professionally.

More than two decades ago, I was present in a Turkish restaurant when someone entered looking strangely tense. He walked past me and I knew something was wrong. Since ordering food usually isn’t a tense activity, he stood out to me, but not to the other patrons who were oblivious. I want to hire a hitman

The man walked to a table in the back, pulled out a gun and calmly shot three men, then walked out as the restaurant erupted in a frantic chaos. hire a hitman 

According to the news the three men were involved in the narcotics trade and the execution was a professional hit. Although I clearly saw his face, I opted for leaving the restaurant before the police arrived. Last thing I wanted was to spend the rest of the evening at a police station with a sketch artist and be a witness for the prosecution.

To this day I’ll never sit in any public place with my back to the door. I want to hire a hitman

Searching for all over the web, we found this ad where a hitman offers his services…

Hello, if you need a professional hitman, I can solve your problems, I can eliminate your enemies in less than three days, I operate anywhere in the world, contact me for more information

I want to hire a hitman, how to hire a killer


I agree to some extent most Theist’s definition of God to be a Supreme Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omnibenevolent (a philosophical tricky spot) Being, and not the typical Zeus-like anthropomorphised or “Old Testament” Biblical wrathful and vengeful “God” who is a white male with a big white beard (which interestingly is also shared by the Wahhabi / Salafi branch of Islam, but that’s for another theological discussion).

I am a Twelver Shiah Muslim of the Usuli branch, and my ideas about God are largely influenced by the Quran, the teachings of the Ahlul Bayt, the members of the household of the Prophet Muhammad (S), as well as such gnostic philosopher masters as Ibn ‘Arabi, Mulla Sadra, Tabataba’i, and others.

I suggest, propose and recommend the intelligent people of Quora to do your own research about the names I just mentioned (Ibn Arabi, Mulla Sadra, etc), who influence the theological principles for my school of thought, and not just assume because I am a Theist and subscribe to an organised religion, I belong to the same category as the Fire & Brimstone Bible Belt Fundamentalist-Literalists who categorically deny evolution and everything scientific and assume dinosaurs once co-existed with Adam & Eve; or the group of Salafi / Wahabbi’s who would love to behead anyone who do not believe in their deity, i.e. a huge alien White Man (ironically with no beard) with 2 right hands (you really have to do your thorough research on Wahabbi theology to understand what I am referring to). how to hire a killer

If you are referring to THAT “god” as defined by the Bible Belters or the Wahabbi suicide bombers, then definitely I am 10,000^Infinity% convinced that THEIR “god” does NOT exist.

My God, our God, the God of the Quran (if the Quran is properly understood the way it should be), as explained by the likes of ‘Ali Ibn Abi Thalib, cousin and son-in-law of the Prophet and a prodigy of Arabic linguistics, philosophy, poetry and politics (among many other fields), and expanded upon by Ibn ‘Arabi, Mulla Sadra, Ayatollah Jawadi Amuli, is a Transcendent Being beyond the absolute comprehension of human sapience or any other sentient being.

He (and even the English language is deficient when referring to God in the 3rd Person – as God is Gender-less) is Omniscient in the sense that He IS the Essence of Knowledge (i.e. God is the Absolute Entity of Knowledge). Since He is the Originator, the Source, the Creator and Designer of Existence, He must necessarily know what He creates, and He created not out of necessity for a certain need He has for something He is deficient in, nor out of boredom and entertainment, but is is His Nature to create, it would be a paradox for God to exist but not create.

He is the Only One capable of Absolutely Knowing Himself, and this Act of Knowing Himself, of cogitating about Himself, or in Islamic terms, Praising Himself, necessarily produces Creation as a Reflection of Himself, and as Reflections go, reflections are not equal to the actual object being reflected, but exist in a different medium, as a virtual form (this virtualness as compared to the Realness of the Real God), hence there are imperfections in creation, because the creation cannot be equal to the Creator, though it can reflect the mastery and brilliance of the Creator.

The Prime Act of God was/is to Praise Himself, and this Creation is the medium by which He appraises His own Perfection, Beauty and Majesty. That sounds rather egoistical and selfish from a human perspective but human concepts of ego and selfishness doesn’t apply to the Absolute Owner of Existence because He has the “Right” to be Egoistic and Selfish, but at the same time, by His very nature of Perfection, Justice and Cosmic Benevolence, it “balances out”; i.e. this Self-Magnification (in Islamic terminology it is called Takabbur) has a net positive effect as compared to the egoism of human beings who are selfish, do not share and like to belittle others. For God, He is the Greatest, because He is Generous and Giving, and He is Generous and Giving because He is the Greatest, because the only way a Being can be truly and perfectly deemed the Greatest is to be Generous and Giving.

So the Act of Creation is a Manifestation of His Generosity and Giving Nature as well as His All-Encompassing Mercy.

He is Omnipotent in the sense that He IS the Essence of Power and Ability within rational conceptual semantic bounds (i.e. the old argument about whether or not God can create a rock heavy enough that He cannot lift it Himself is moot, irrational and simply a play on semantics). And by being “within Rational bounds” it does not belittle the Power of God in any way, no more than the ability for any mind or advanced computer to compute a division by zero to produce a real number to belittle the veracity, power (when applied practically) and usefulness of Mathematics.

He is “Omnipresent” not in the sense of being physically present at all places at all times, either inside or outside of things, but in the sense that His Knowledge encompasses everything and every region of space and time (this is the real definition of Allah’s “Omnipresence” from the correct understanding of Islamic theology), yet He is Transcendent of the physical universe, yet “close” in the sense that His Knowledge of every aspect of the universe and His Authority over it can be manifested instantaneously if He so wills it.

As for “Omnibenevolence” – i.e. the belief that God is All-Good, Absolute Goodness – that depends on how you understand and define what “Good” is, vis a vis the problem of the existence of evil. For this, I have answered in a separate question related to this here

Anybody who claims that right is either perfect, or – much more likely – seriously disturbed.But suppose there is a metric B which you and your accuser agree. you can prove that the concept of perfection is selfcontradictory, you can prove that it does not make sense to say of anyone that they are perfect.Let us take as the definition of perfect: any consistent metric will do. We shall call it the B function. We require B to be such that if B(X) > B(Y), and B(Y) > B(Z), then B(X) > B(Z).Let us assume that person X is perfect. In other words, it is categorically not possible that there is another person Y, such that B(Y) > B(X). This is trivially true if everybody has the same value of B. Then everybody is perfect, just the way they are. So the first thing you should ask of anybody who calls you imperfect is “What gives you the right to determine a metric of betterness which discriminates against me?” (Note that it is no accident that the devil’s chief function is that of accuser). This means that X never makes mistakes, ever. Because otherwise we could conceive of some Y just like X, making one less mistake and therefore being better than X. However, you can’t learn without making mistakes. Y might be better today, but less adaptable to the future, by virtue of having learned less. If you take the future into account, X is better. You cannot define a metric of betterness which at the same time is 100% concerned with the current situation and 100% concerned with the future. People who are overly concerned with perfection are blind to the future.Then it is evident that there is an upper limit to B, say U. Then B(X) = U.

Do contract killers (also known as hitmen) really exist? If yes, can a contract killer be freelance (i.e. independent from a given mafia) as i…

This was way back in 2004, I was travelling to Singapore on Singapore Airlines  and total air-time was estimated to be around 7.5 hours. I usually tend to book a window seat which I did and of course in cattle-class. The aircraft was 3-4-3 configuration. I waited to see if the other two seats will get occupied, I could see that we were almost finished boarding and the two seats were unoccupied. Yes! I can stretch my legs. But as it usually happens the very last passenger walked in and sat in the aisle seat!. I want to hire a hitman, how to hire a killer

Now, I have a problem or lets say a habit. If someone sits next to me on a plane, I will talk to them and try to make conversation. I want to know about them, their lives. I am 1 out 6 billion people in this world, all I have is my story and my experiences, I would love to know what others have experienced in their life, what their journey has been! I love to hear others stories, their experience , their journey through life. I want to hire a hitman, how to hire a killer

So, I begin my quest in earnest with the gentleman who sat in the aisle seat, he warmed up to me after some small talk.  He looked serious, was wearing T-shirt and jeans. He might have been a bit less than 40 years old. He spoke with confidence and his language was very crisp and clear.  After talking for 10-20 mins I gathered that he was single (never married), was heading over to Singapore for work and he travels far and wide for his work. We were offered drinks and peanuts by the air hostess, we said cheers and drank for our health. I want to hire a hitman

Little by little, I started squeezing information out of him. By the time it was post-dinner, lights-dimming time, I had gathered more information about this fellow. They were:
1. He was heading to Singapore for work
2. He works for himself
3. People usually call him up and request a quote for a job
4. He usually provides the quote within a week or so
5. He only uses a satellite phone
6. He kept mentioning one particular word “eliminate” quite a few times
7. He avoided the questions related to his name, his answer “lets call me Roger, shall we?”Finally, we were up and breakfast was offered. I resumed my interrogation. By the end of the breakfast, I gathered that:By then, we had downed a few more of the holy-water, so everything seemed good. But that word “eliminate” kept haunting me every minute or so. I could not sleep, I was restless, spent the next 3 hours wondering, what does he do exactly.

1. He has accomplices in Singapore who will assist him in doing this job
2. He has accomplices everywhere in the world
3. Accomplices are not permanent, depending on the job  he picks and chooses whom he wants
4. The “tools” required to finish the job were provided on location, sometimes hired/bought at the location.
5. He never carries his “tools” on him when asked why his answer “..too much of a hassle, you get asked too many questions..”
6. He did not want to reveal who will he be working for in Singapore
7. The person who gave him this “job” was a very very rich man in Singapore
8. It was going to take a full 2-weeks to “understand the situation” and a further 2-weeks  “to prepare” and 1-day to “finish the job”.
9. He was flying off to a holiday after he finished this “job” but when asked about where he would be holidaying he was very vague with answer such as ” somewhere nice”

The plane had landed, my mind was racing. We walked out of the plane onto the walk-bridge. He looked calm as ever. We walked together to the customs and immigration, and towards the baggage carousel.  We picked up our bags, headed to the taxi rank.  It was time to say goodbye. I said, “It was nice meeting you Roger…hope you have a good stay in Singapore and good luck with your job. By the way I am really curious to know what is that you exactly do in your job..” how to hire a killer
He gave one of those weird smiles, his taxi had arrived. He opened the door, shook my hands and said ” It was nice to meet you too, hope you have a good stay in Singapore as well..”. He sat in the taxi, the taxi was about to drive out… he opens his window and with a smile he says… how to hire a killer

“Industrial Pest Killer”…….

To this day, I am still dazed and confused. Not because I met a person who was an “Industrial Pest Killer” because it could mean anything, really! The actual people who work in pest control do not call themselves “Pest Killer”, its just not a normal term. He certainly was hired “hitman” to “eliminate” something and he was certainly eliminating a “pest”.  Pest could mean anything in this brave new World. My confusion persists and curious mind is more thirsty. how to hire a killer. I want to hire a hitman, how to hire a killer

Can I seek the services of a contract killer to end my life?


But on a more serious note, an actual hitman would likely dismiss you, shoo you away, or, surprisingly, engage in conversation, perhaps even buying you a drink to listen to your problems and offer sincere, valuable advice.

Here’s something you may not be aware of: many hitmen have, at some point in their lives, seriously contemplated suicide. It’s not a glamorous lifestyle; it’s far from the portrayal in Hollywood movies. Consider the potential hardships they faced during their childhood, the scarcity of genuine love in their lives, and the bitterness they may carry. how to hire a killer

If you’re feeling the urge to end your life, it could be because of your intelligence and sensitivity, which automatically sets you apart in a positive way from many others. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been going through a tough time lately. It’s crucial to examine your situation from different perspectives and focus on the potential for positive change. While it won’t be easy, major life changes are often necessary. how to hire a killer

Beware of fake hitmen who proliferate on the dark web or in dive bars. These individuals are not to be trusted. At best, they may take your money and disappear; at worst, they might turn it into a disturbing game of torment. If, by chance, you manage to hire a troubled ex-convict, they might inflict harm that leaves you wishing for a different outcome. Humans are indeed a peculiar mix of traits.

A real hit man typically would charge about 15K to whack someone… in advance, not half up front, or a used car and a promise of an insurance payout. I reckon if you had 15K you would not so much be thinking of suicide though. how to hire a killer

You spend a bunch of money on yourself this weekend. Have a few nice meals, see a movie, get a massage, get a haircut. Things get better eventually. Unless you have stomach cancer and are headed to a Mexican prison, then maybe not so much. how to hire a killer

How often do professional assassins get caught?

Professional assassins are concerned with minimizing risk on detection and apprehension, and are less liable to be ‘caught’. First of all, to be caught often means that you are apprehended at the scene of the crime, fleeing the scene of the crime, or in possession of material that can easily be connected to the scene of the crime.

If you observe the difficulty law enforcement often has with capturing serial killers, most of whom are mentally/psychologically deviants, you can imagine their lack of success capturing someone who builds a career taking care not to repeat killing methods and not to randomly dump victims around the countryside, who studies forensics and knows how to thwart investigations.

Even methodical or ‘organized’ serial killers still have their fetishes. Ted Bundy preyed on young women with straight brown hair parted in the middle, et cetera. Often the way they get caught is because they become arrogant (delusions of grandeur) or careless (leaving evidence, confiding in other people). Ted Bundy used his own first name and drove an instantly recognizable Volkswagen Beetle. Despite the police isolating men called Ted driving Volkswagen Beetles, he still skated through their clutches.

Then there is the problem of connecting the crime to the criminal. Even serial killers are rarely caught in the act. A professional assassin is not acting on internal urges, so they’re better able to bide their time. They don’t draw excitement or pleasure from their acts, so their senses are not clouded by feelings or emotions, allowing them to be meticulous in cleaning up crime scenes.

In fact, most criminals get caught because they make mistakes like associating with other criminals, talking to other people about their crimes, displaying incongruities like affluence without the means, or acting on impulse and leaving forensic evidence behind.

Another issue that might thwart investigations is that many professional assassins are professional, i.e. they derive their income from killing other human beings. Most of the time, professional assassins work for influential people or institutions, who have an interest in protecting their assets.

And it’s their work. If you tinker on your car in the weekends, you might hurt yourself due to lack of knowledge, lack of information, lack of skills, or lack of professional materials. If you are a mechanic, you work on cars every day, so you educate yourself, you learn risk management, you only use trustworthy and safe tools, you keep your workspace safe and organised, and you aim towards spending your time efficiently.

And that’s the difference between the amateur and the professional. The professional assassin knows the risks and minimises them by taking appropriate preventive measures. If an assassin gets caught and there is sufficient evidence to prosecute them, you can rest assured that the assassin is an amateur, not a professional.

And most of all, if a professional assassin is compromised, they’re liable to fall victim to their peers. The influential people in charge can’t use professional assassins who cannot fade into the background anymore, so they’ll be retired. Permanently. With ‘extreme prejudice’.

Has there ever been a real hitman or contract killer?

Oh, yes. But not the kind that you are probably thinking of. The most common kind is where a wife or husband wants a spouse killed or where a business rival might want to do away with the competition. These are not cases seen in the courts everyday but they do show up in just about every community. Unfortunately, for the person who wants the deed done, these hits very often go awry. The hitman is often somebody the person knows who has a criminal past and is in the criminal milieu, and who usually ends up either cooperates with the police to set up his employer in return for dismissing a pending charge or if he gets caught, which they usually do, he gives up the employer for a lesser charge of murder. Another type is where the shady friend tells the employer he can find a hitman and then tells the cops and they send in an undercover officer posing as a hitman who gets the whole transaction on tape.

Government agents who kill for their country certainly exist, just recall the hit on Osama Bin Laden or the recent series of assassinations on Russian expatriates, but in the West at least, these killers tend to be teams of special forces operators working under the authorization of highly placed government officials. There are also Third World government assassination teams and individuals who kill opponents of the government. However, the kind of hitman found in fiction probably does not exist, or if they do they are exceedingly rare. The lone hitman or shadowy assassination organization probably does not exist. There are just too many ways to get caught and the penalties are too severe.

The only way to be sure to get away with murder is to never tell anybody you are contemplating it, plan and do it completely alone, use a weapon that nobody can connect to you and destroy it completely, leave no trace evidence, leave no body, have an airtight alibi, and never indicate to a soul that you did it.5.2k views · View Upvoters

What are common personality traits that contract killers/hit-men/assassins generally share?

Common personality traits shared by people who kill for profit:

  • the ability to compartmentalize their feelings
  • the detachment necessary to view a human being as a ‘target’
  • a high anxiety threshold (do not get nervous easily, even in stressful situations)
  • a high aggression threshold (do not get angry or upset easily)
  • a low or non-existent violence threshold (absolutely no qualms at getting physical and hurting people)
  • a strong desire for material wealth and/or financial independence

I think there are more personality traits, but I don’t think they’re ‘common’, such as:

  • adherence to a negative worldview
  • ease with a solitary existence
  • reticent/taciturn in social situations
  • the ability to melt into the background
  • facility with duplicity (at ease with lying, deceitful)

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Do hitmen like John Wick exist? Are there hitman agencies? And how would someone even get into that?

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